What is A.R.T.

A.R.T. is a personal training program that introduces employees to artistic methods that promote relaxation and concentration.  It is offered in 4, 8 or 16 hour blocks based upon your needs.

A.R.T. teaches participants to channel emotions through art as a point of expression while calming intrusive thoughts, relaxing body tension and learning to focus the mind on the task at hand.

A.R.T. uses creativity in group settings to facilitate teamwork as well as pride in individual work through the production of personal and group projects.  This helps develop and cultivate optimism, facilitate positive change and promote improvements in productivity. 

The effects of organizational stress

Stress affects individuals by compounding troubles both at home and work, affecting the employee’s ability to think rationally.

Cost of stress to the Organization

 - Higher healthcare costs
 - Decreased morale
 - Reductions in productivity
 - Higher employee costs
 - Poor customer satisfaction
 - Lower retention rates

Stress negatively impacts employee:
 - Productivity
 - Morale
 - Retention
 - Burnout rate
 - Family stress, divorce and abuse
 - Customer relations
 - Lowered team participation and trust
 - Employee disengagement
 - Decreased motivation
 - Problem solving difficulty

Stress affects employee judgment and ability to manage involuntary reactions which often results in aggression and disobedience, both at home and work.

Why A.R.T.?

A.R.T. develops resiliency and is a low cost alternative to the cost of organizational stress.  In 2015, companies throughout the United States lost between $200-300 billion due to stress related illnesses and impact upon productivity.  As employees fear their jobs might be in jeopardy, those employees' productivity is reduced.  The bottom line is the bottom line.  As we reorganize, layoff, or re-negotiate salaries, we erode morale, retention and productivity.

A.R.T. provide the employee tools and helps to build pride in their work as well as promoting creative thinking in a resource driven environment.

A.R.T. facilitates stress reduction by causing a relaxation response from the rhythmic and repetitive motion of drawing.  This motion shifts an artist’s attention to the present, to the here and now, releasing healthy personal expression of emotion.

A.R.T. promotes the re-framing of ideas and creative thinking while increasing participants’ self-knowledge of what they want, who they are and what they can do.  This develops pride in personal work and boosts self-esteem which in turn is noticed in increased productivity. 

A.R.T. teaches breath control which increases brain connectivity and plasticity and enables learning.

A.R.T. promotes increased empathy, tolerance and feelings of love.


A.R.T. is an on-site/off-site program


A.R.T. is not

A.R.T. is not therapy or a resource to replace therapy. Results depend on the participants’ willingness to explore art and how art improves and balances their lives while promoting relaxation and stress reduction.


Our Mission

A.R.T.’s mission is to bring art-based programs into the workplace to help provide safe, creative and simple methods of stress reduction through artful means. This encourages rational thinking and relaxation through tools offered by creativity and artistic expression.

A.R.T. creates a pathway to greater morale, increased productivity, enhanced decision making and relaxation.

A.R.T. encourages a happier, healthier work environment through artistic teamwork and expression, helping participants facilitate a positive work-life balance, particularly to those who are affected by weights of daily stresses.

A.R.T. helps the organization by

A.R.T. provides employees with coping strategies, the tools for an artistic release of stress.

Research has shown that such outlets increase concentration, focus, critical thinking, personal self-esteem and the ability to adapt more efficiently to change.

By implementing wellness programs such as A.R.T., your organization facilitates long term employee happiness, increased worker retention and employee productivity. 

A.R.T. promotes Team Building through its design and projects in order to build personal and team based resiliency and well-being.

Reductions in stress equate to:

            - Reduced medical visits

            - Lower healthcare costs

            - Increased productivity

            - Increased hand-eye coordination

            - Positive effects upon family

            - Increased retention

            - Increased morale

            - Improved customer relations

            - Improved organizational image

A.R.T. helps the employee by

-   Improving teamwork and productivity

-   Encouraging effective communication

-   Teaching the positive cumulative benefits of art for relaxation

-   Building personal confidence

-   Discovering their particular positive place and voice in the realm of art

-   Building self-trust, confidence and camaraderie

-   Teaching participants to think creatively (outside the box)

-   Teaching skills for when to engage or disengage with an idea

-   Encouraging employees to center intrusive thoughts

-   Guiding the employee to let go of stress using art as coping strategy

-   Using the arts to re-charge, relax, rediscover and revitalize the self

-   Developing ways to manage and cope with change

-   Enhancing personal and team creativity

-   Developing creative problem solving techniques

Points of contact: Michael Troop, Program Director at 912-604-3275 or via email: michael@troopm.com or Tatiana von Tauber at 912-596-3873 or via email: tatiana@thestudioschoolsavannah.com