Sensual Nude Portrait, ATL Jan '18

Sensual Nude Portraiture: Atlanta Georgia

January 6, 7, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23

I am booking the following dates in Atlanta in January so forget the boudoir photographs and join me in creating a personalize sensual portrait.  We will spend a day developing your idea resulting in the creation of a one of a kind original fine art photograph.  In the process, we will build a portfolio and digital record of your experience.

Together we will develop the concept, choose the desired location, spending the time required to create your image while enjoying a light picnic with wine.  

You will receive your completed framed print within 14-days, perfect timing for valentines day.

The price includes: all stages of design and production, 1-13x19" print (BandW or color) matted and framed, a disc containing a portfolio of proofs and final high resolution file for your unlimited use, and I will bring a picnic lunch with German wine.

To Book:


Burning Man 2017

This was a fundamental year for me, reaching 50, divorce, relocation....and burning man was no different.

Many positive events occurred to help me decide to attend or not.  Thank you to the beautiful person I met at window 15 (04:00), that beautiful Sunday that marked my arrival.  

During the event, I was subjected to much love, friendship and a PTSD trigger.  I met some beautiful people who helped me recover and provided me my new Playa name, "TRIGGER".

Now I am planning 2018.  I will attend in a different manor than the last two years.  I will attend as a different person. AND I will bring you along through my photography and videography, a new and scary endevor. 



the long road ahead.jpg


I have now relocated my studio base of operations in Atlanta Georgia though I am providing services throughout the US and parts of Europe.

You will find blogs her updating you upon my photographic services while my OMM updates will be provided on YouTube.

Please check out my new works and consider the gift of art this holiday season.


Part of me will miss Savannah, the other part is HAPPY to leave this horrible city


Relying upon Military Experience

If it is one thing the military taught me, it was to prepare.  Do I "over kill"?  Hell yes!

For Burning Man, I have a 4 page IPR slide deck and packing sheet and am setting up my shelter and performing a layout of equipment to ensure that I am prepared for this adventure.  This pack list includes tools, food, tp, music and the lot but what better way to ensure nothing is forgotten.

I am also running set up and recovery exercises, yes, tent up, tent down, to ensure I have the best and quickest set up possible for the trip.  Milla and I will camp three nights on our journey to the Westside.  19 days to departure.

overcoming physical obstacles

Sometimes it is hard for a person to remain positive in life when there are so many obstacles faced each day. Just remember these are not test and not barriers to overcome but a problem which must be solved. This approach helps reduce the anxiety sometimes encountered in our day to day lives.

My major obstacle involves my back and pain associated with a TBI. These have affected my studies and worn my being down to a crawl. Since this is who I am now, I cannot afford to let these remains of military service to affect my soul. They are nothing more than something to overcome. Basically a simple problem to be solved and I will test these skills in problem solving and self reliance by attending this year’s Burning Man.

During my preparation, I have often become discouraged as my back has failed. But I have developed the means to focus this energy and develop simplified processes to construct onsite my shelter, to self-propel myself through the desert and be able to sustain myself in this environment without assistance for 7-days. Life is a problem to solve and those who succeed live happy and full lives.

Each of our problems differ but the answer is the same, what is an alternative to this action? I look forward to my cross-country trip and Burning Man in hopes of finding who I have become on this journey.

I am self-consumed at this time and the I have no fork in the road. I have unlimited potential in this my new life.

Awarded a Burning Man Ticket

It was a stressful process for I had thought I would not receive a ticket for BM following the opening day sales where 65000 tickets were sold in 15 minutes.  This was overwhelming but I felt if I planned for the trip anyway, that I could manifest the opportunity to attend.  

As a disabled vet, my income is limited so my thoughts to all other hopefuls is if you are in my situation, on a limited budget, apply for a low income ticket, nothing to be ashamed about.  Catch: only one ticket per applicant.  Still, this presented to chance for me to attend, a reset for the PTSD, closure to my desert experience and the opportunity to shine as a photographer.


This Blog will contain links to resources and to others works that inspire me in the preparation for Burning Man.  This opportunity will hopefully result in the publication of a free book and resource for future virgin burners based upon the information I have gained from others as well as from my own experiences.  

I will also be adding and updating information about photographic tips and techniques that can help anyone interested in photography, to improve their work.

join me upon this adventure.