Relying upon Military Experience

If it is one thing the military taught me, it was to prepare.  Do I "over kill"?  Hell yes!

For Burning Man, I have a 4 page IPR slide deck and packing sheet and am setting up my shelter and performing a layout of equipment to ensure that I am prepared for this adventure.  This pack list includes tools, food, tp, music and the lot but what better way to ensure nothing is forgotten.

I am also running set up and recovery exercises, yes, tent up, tent down, to ensure I have the best and quickest set up possible for the trip.  Milla and I will camp three nights on our journey to the Westside.  19 days to departure.

overcoming physical obstacles

Sometimes it is hard for a person to remain positive in life when there are so many obstacles faced each day. Just remember these are not test and not barriers to overcome but a problem which must be solved. This approach helps reduce the anxiety sometimes encountered in our day to day lives.

My major obstacle involves my back and pain associated with a TBI. These have affected my studies and worn my being down to a crawl. Since this is who I am now, I cannot afford to let these remains of military service to affect my soul. They are nothing more than something to overcome. Basically a simple problem to be solved and I will test these skills in problem solving and self reliance by attending this year’s Burning Man.

During my preparation, I have often become discouraged as my back has failed. But I have developed the means to focus this energy and develop simplified processes to construct onsite my shelter, to self-propel myself through the desert and be able to sustain myself in this environment without assistance for 7-days. Life is a problem to solve and those who succeed live happy and full lives.

Each of our problems differ but the answer is the same, what is an alternative to this action? I look forward to my cross-country trip and Burning Man in hopes of finding who I have become on this journey.

I am self-consumed at this time and the I have no fork in the road. I have unlimited potential in this my new life.

Awarded a Burning Man Ticket

It was a stressful process for I had thought I would not receive a ticket for BM following the opening day sales where 65000 tickets were sold in 15 minutes.  This was overwhelming but I felt if I planned for the trip anyway, that I could manifest the opportunity to attend.  

As a disabled vet, my income is limited so my thoughts to all other hopefuls is if you are in my situation, on a limited budget, apply for a low income ticket, nothing to be ashamed about.  Catch: only one ticket per applicant.  Still, this presented to chance for me to attend, a reset for the PTSD, closure to my desert experience and the opportunity to shine as a photographer.


This Blog will contain links to resources and to others works that inspire me in the preparation for Burning Man.  This opportunity will hopefully result in the publication of a free book and resource for future virgin burners based upon the information I have gained from others as well as from my own experiences.  

I will also be adding and updating information about photographic tips and techniques that can help anyone interested in photography, to improve their work.

join me upon this adventure.