This exhibit is my newest work, work that has been produced while I live with mental illness.  I have PTSD compounded by multiple mTBIs.  I shot a man and through my actions, hurt many others while in service of my country.  Now retires, my mind creates horrific days leaving me wondering when the next trigger will occur or if help will be available if needed.

I have made multiple attempts upon my own life even though I have a strong will to live.  I think about how easy it is to turn a gun to my head forgetting about those who are in my life.  When depression compounded by my other medical issues, my world is turned upside down.   Each day becomes a challenge but photography provides me an outlet.

Photography is my therapy, forcing me to seek beauty where I see none.  By focusing my brain upon the subject, I transfer my emotion to the composition, lighting, to the life of the image while calming those intrusive thoughts.  As the body tension reduces I am able to re-focus my mind upon the task at hand and soon, develop optimism for positive change.

The images contained within this online exhibit reflect "LIGHT".  Though still dark or reduced in color, my work presents hope in the distance light that is bringing out of the shadows, the beauty of the world which surrounds me.

My work is the continued story of a life's struggle in the realm of mental illness.