Sensual Nude Portrait


MIL and VETs:  50% off with ID

Boudoir photography has been turned into a cheesy expression of a woman sensual side, creating a common style associated with holidays and weddings. These images however soon find their place in a closet or dusty bookshelf forgotten.  This is not much of an investment if it cannot be shared with many.  As time passes, it collects dust and the joyful feelings become lost to time.

Our bodies also change over time.  In each stage, we are beautiful.  This is time we should be embracing ourselves and enjoying the sensual moments of our lives.

For $1500, I will spend a day with you, developing your desired image and creating a one of a kind original fine art photograph that you can hang on the walls of your home or keep private in your bedroom.  We will also create a portfolio of the event and digital record.

We will develop the concept, choose the desired location, spending the time required to create this portfolio and final image while enjoying a light picnic with wine.  After all this is the ultimate gift to yourself.  

The price includes:

- all stages of design and production

- 1-13x19" print (BandW or color) matted and framed

- a disc of all proofs and final high resolution files for your unlimited use

- a picnic lunch which includes German wine

- your modeling experience 

- travel up to 300-miles from Atlanta (additional miles charged at $0.30 per mile)

Your package will be delivered within 14 days


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Common questions:

Q: Does it have to be nude?

A: Of course not.  We work together to develop a fine art photograph around your desired expression and personal limits.

Q: Can I bring Someone?

A: Please!  I always recommend that you 'always' bring a chaperon whether if your ae working with me or someone else.  Bring a  chaperons or friend.  They are always welcome. 


Q: Are you LBGTQIA friendly?

A: Hell yes for I fit in there somewhere and I am proud. 


Q: Can I have the image taken with someone?

A: Yes, you may pose with your partner at no extra charge. 


Q: Can I buy additional prints?

A: Yes, I charge $100 for the 13x19 print matted.  But please know that I give you permission to use the files I provide to print additional prints anytime in the future. You are also paying for the rights to use your images anyway you desire.


Q: Do I the photographer, keep all the images?

A: No, once we have selected the final image and created the proof disc, I delete all unused files, storing only a copy of your final disc (CD) for one calendar year.  At that time, I will contact you to ensure that your disc is working and inform you that I am deleting your customer record.  By not maintaining images in perpetuity, I can ensure client confidentiality.  I have many celebrity clients and do not wish to invade their privacy, my reputation demands it.  


Q: Do you use these images for promotion or tell others who you have photographed?

A: NO!  I ensure COMPLETE client confidentiality.  I do not display customer images without consent and a signed model release. 


MIL and VET Discounts.  Require a $300 deposit (non-refundable if canceled within 72-hours of scheduled shoot. 

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