#Drive Against PTSD


This year, I hope to embark upon the

"Ultimate US Road Trip"


This map was designed by scientist Dr. Randal S. Olson of the University of Pennsylvania.  It ensures travel through all 48-contiguous U.S. states with stops at 52-National Parks and landmarks, in the shortest time and distance.  I expect this trip to exceed 18,000 miles and the goal is to complete this in just 45-days.  Catch, I am required to stop for 10-days in Nevada. 

The purpose: to spreading the word about the effects of PTSD on the lives of military service women and men.  In 2017, the stigma of mental illness is at its highest and is more dangerous than the PTSD itself.  
I served his country for 21-years, both on active duty and in federal service.  I was injured in the line of duty and asked to take the lives of others.  This left me with spinal injuries resulting in a constant state of pain and with PTSD, an illness that has affected my ability to maintain normal employment.

My issues have not stopped me from trying to help others.  This trip will push my physical abilities as well as mental faculties as I will be engaging others (vets, soldiers, and civilians) live on social media in an attempt to create a dialog about issues with mental health today.

I will photograph America.  The work generated will be donated to VA hospitals around the country for use as décor in their facilities.  I will also spend 10-days volunteering for camp Hell-N-Back at Burning Man.   This is a camp for disabled veterans who use art and music as therapy.  I will also aid attending veterans who might suffer triggers to their PTSD through drug use or other stimuli at this event.  


Funds raised will help to offset costs of the trip which include fuel, entrance into the parks system, permits for photography, and tolls encountered on the way.  There will be NO hotel/motel stays: camping only.

Other ways to contribute: 
- vehicle support, short term lease
- news or magazine coverage
- loaning of specialty equipment